Monday, December 7, 2009

Be my Martha

**UPDATE: Have just registered Domestic Goddess 101 and Domestic Spunk Rat 101 in bloggerville to prove I'm seriously up to the challenge I talk about below :)**

Sorry for the lack of posts my lovely followers and random subscribers. I'm suffering writers block. I have so much to say and so little words to say them with.

Why is that?

I did fall asleep IN the car OUTSIDE the cinema yesterday. AFTER I parked, thankfully. Was 6.45pm one minute, then 6.55pm the next and after deciding to yes, still brave the cinema, I fell asleep 10 minutes in. Straight after my choc top ofcourse. At least I'm cool with priorities.

Anyway. It could be that I need a night away from the computer and time to rest my weary head. I should probably get a good meal into me too. Something that isn't comprised solely of toasted bread, butter and vegemite. Or chocolate. Or Icecream.

Why can I not find the time to plan meals a week in advance, why do I not have chilli's drying from my kitchen window and lemons preserving in the pot. Why am I not Martha Stewart. Why am I not Cindy Crawford (I could do with those legs). Why am I wide awake at midnight but feel like my eyes are being jabbed with toothpicks during the day.

I certainly will ponder these and many other questions as I slink off heavy shouldered to that lump of a thing I call my bed and continue to waste my opportunity to sleep by picking up one of the 13 books on my bedside table.

If you know of any way, ANY way of making sure I turn off the lights before the first light of day, or any way of meal planning that works, or any where to get a good mattress, or any way to make my eyes drop the bags, let me know. Infact, any hint on the home, sleep and even hubby front (note I need to fit some work in too) would be pure wonderfullness. For tonight, I would love it if you would be MY Martha Stewart.

ACTUUUUALLLY, my shoulders just erected themselves and sprang back to life writing that. I have an idea! I wicked idea :) I will try every handy hint for at least a week, no questions asked and report back. Even if it's something wierd like go to bed and have sex with your husband 3 times a day. Or greet him with a home cooked meal. Or eat apples for 7 days straight. I'll try them all in one week if I can (but only if you're being serious which rules out the 3 times a day thing). Don't want you killing me over the longer term.

Oh dear blog, you do manage to find ways to make me happy.

Dovic x
PS have just put up a poll too.
PSS Quite possibly the reason my head hurts so much these days.... (but only look after posting a challenge/handy hint, don't want you losing the moment like I almost did :)


  1. Ok, so I have to post the comments for those that couldnt get on.

    From Karen P- something about having a camomile tea and having a bath and no telly for an hr before bed (deleted message by mistake). TO DO TOMORROW as soon as I get the details off her again

  2. Mel -"our store is the most important thing! for dry ... I always keep pasta, gnocchi, pasata, tinned tomatoes, all dried herbs including chilli, tinned tuna (serena),taco packs, maldon salt and pepper in the pantry. For the fridge always have lemons, cucumber, bacon, garlic, parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, goats cheese feta, all types of mustards, salad dressing, tomato and bbq sauce, relish x then all you have to do is get your meat, chicken, fish and fresh salad mix and you are ready to go".

    Dovic: AM REALLY LIKING the have things in store to throw salads together business (esp since I need more lettuce, much more lettuce). STOCKING UP TOMORROW

  3. From Hubby: Shag me senseless.

    DOVIC: Just kidding. He just wants me to go to bed NOW. 3 hrs before I usually sneak into the room. Ok, I'm going....

  4. From Marie: hi di....i somtimes (not as often as i should) plan a whole week's menu and buy the food i need to cook those will find it easier to cook when you have everything you need in your pantry and not have to think every day of what to cook....

    DOVIC: There's a theme in mealplanning happening. And Mel has offered to do a meal plan to go with her store. :)))

  5. I manage to meal plan about 1 week out of every 10. And the week I do it, I save about $200 (I am not exaggerating - impulse buys when I go to the supermarket 4 times a week are really costing us BIG), feel vaguely sane, and promise myself that I am going to do it again the next week, and the next. And break my promise. Honestly, I can recommend it highly, and just wish I could recommend it so highly to myself that I would actually do it....

  6. Di, I find it good to cook double of whatever you are cooking one night that way you only need to cook every 2nd night - nothing wrong with pasta (or whatever!) two nights running!

    I usually spend 10-15mins/week working out my shopping list/menu for the week.

    Notes from the frugal trenches or is it Simple Savings (either one!) also firmly believe that you should "shop" from your pantry first.
    That is look at what you already have and try to base your menu on that. Once you have your basics (someone has put a list up for you already) then you should only need to do a BIG shop once every 6-8weeks.
    Also, you could start collecting and sharing quick, easy, healthy recipes - I'm always keen to try something different!
    Summer is a great time to start - it's easy! I just make up different types of salads, depending what I have around - just change the dressings and it's usually a big hit in my place.

    You are a legend my friend, keep up the fun blogs - you keep me smiling :) and good luck with the goddess thing :) xxx Mel xxx

  7. Thanks Mel :). Another Mel has just sent me some recipes too so will try out a couple next week and feature my fave (which will be the one that takes the least amount of time with the least amount of ingredients). The other news so far is that I've managed to go to bed before 10.30 each night and have been to pilates 2 days in a row and finally joined Elixr today. Unfortunately since I've already said yes to a couple of things (guest house and now a fundraising thing) my head still hurts and my 'thinking' space is crowded. Am hoping the camomile idea will help that. If not, there is always the good old trusted Drambuie :)

  8. I'm not really anonymous - it's me - Andrea.

    Anyway my hot tip comes from spending a week at my friend Jacquie (the actress one)'s house in Melbourne. She made the kids beds first thing every morning (like before breakfast). THis was a revelation to a slutty housekeeper such as myself. So I've been doing it. It's great. Every morning when I go to get their clothes (not organsied enough to do the night before I'm afraid), I quickly pull their beds together and put their crap away. Means that i don't end up with out of control pits. Now the upstairs of my house where no one goes looks great, sadly the downstairs public areas are still a pit.

    Miss you. AJ

  9. For an easy meal go to Ferguson Plarres and buy a family sized chunky vegie pie. They are yummy to eat and good for you. Have a saldd with it if you want to stretch it further. Buy stir through pasta sauces and have this once a week. If you can afford it. get lite and easy. This will keep meals on the table and you can pick the high calorie one if you do not need to lose weight. Also have hubby cook one night a week if he can. You mentioned meals with little ingredients. Buy your self the book 4 ingrediants and this should cut your cooking time. Meal planning is good and you do save money. Make a meal you can put in the oven and then while it is cooking you can spend more time doing other things.

  10. Oh I wish I knew who the anonymous comments were from :)

    Thankyou to EVERYONE that comments. The Martha in me is nudging it's little way out! More hints and tips would be great. I like the making bed one too. GOD. I have so much to learn!

  11. Ahem - now that the Christmas rush is over and you have successfully, bought, wrapped, devoured, plucked, roasted and sauteed (and made the beds) - you should now be able to manage another BLOG - so get your skates on - otherwise you'll probably find a job and you'll be having coffee with all those nice people that work there and there won't be any time for frivolities like BLOGGING. Look forward to the next installment. And if we need tissues can you please warn us..........

  12. Oh, an PS. My kids LOVE tuna, corn and rice for dinner - cooked rice, chuck some tuna (in olive oil) and some corn kernels (of the tinned variety is great!). Not sure if Bells can have rice though - pasta? Don't think she can have wheat - so something carbohydratey that she can have......good luck....speak soon...PPS. It's your recruiter speaking.



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