Friday, May 14, 2010

naked faces

What did it take to draw me out of hibernation I hear you ask?

It was nakedness. Naked faces in all their lined glory.

I happen to love skin. I think it runs in the family. Caught my mum flipping through some People mags she bought when I was about 14.

Me: "Um, mum, why did you buy People magazine?"
Her: "Luk et doze bewdiful boobiz. I lovit tu luk et dem!"

Whilst I don't restrict my lovin to 'boobiz', I do find beauty in skin and the physical form- all the way from the tips of toes to crinkly eyes.

So here are my crinkly eyes just for you :)

The wonderfully clever Jodie over at mummymayhem came up with the idea that all us blogsters (I use that lightly in reference to, ahen, myself - since I've clearly been MIA) should ditch the makeup and glam piccies and put up a pic of our faces up close and personal, sans all that pruning. I rekon I could dig all the way to the south pole and be hard pressed to find a glam piccie.... but I love the idea of bearing our souls by baring our faces.

In the spirit of it being real, the first pic of me on my own was taken with my new smancy dancy camera (no bluring of that shiny forehead or missing that whopper pimple) 5 min ago. Post school/daycare drop off, pre any smidgen of self lovin, no hair wash, no nothin. Just me :).

BUT I couldn't make myself smile (that was wierd clicking the camera and trying to um..nothing - no future in modeling for me) so I've added the other too. Coz this lovin our faces business ain't much glory 'less you can enjoy the wrinkles too, esp those grinning ones. And love em I do!



  1. You look beautiful! Let's hear it for blogging in the buff and revealing real beauty for the world to see.

  2. ooooooh, I wanna grab that face of yours and give it a big fat smooch! How gorgeous you are.....xx

  3. I'm a first time visitor from Jodie's blog.
    So lovely to met you! :)

  4. such a cute pic - very beautiful!

  5. Apart from having the glossiest hair I've ever seen, you have beautiful eyes. Thank you for sharing x

  6. What a beautiful photo. Nice to see you! xx

  7. I love both photos, you are beautiful:)

  8. I'm with you. I lover my lines, it means I laugh and smile... albeit sometime at inappropriate things... but my life is written on my face.
    Great photos.

  9. gorgeous - you look relaxed and beautiful.

  10. You are beautiful! So fresh-faced :)

  11. Made me laugh what you said about smiling in pics. I often find it hard to do that, and always think it looks a really fake smile!

    Beautiful pics. Thanks for taking part.

  12. You look lovely. A few lines here and there are the signs of a well used and loved face :)

  13. Loving the naked you Ms Dovic - gorgeous. Great to see u blogging again - I came to ur blog when I first started but you were taking a blog siesta. Hope to see more posts.



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