Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sometimes I can't be assed (arsed?)

Tonight is one of those nights.

This morning was one of those mornings.

In between I am pleased to announce I fullfilled my parental duties with gusto. No vegies, but still gusto. Which, I may add, I had to draw from some deep deep spot I didn't even know existed. Except for when I used it yesterday. Anyway.

The morning started at 12.01am with H (22 mths, going on 16yrs) calling out MaaaaaMaaaaaa at the top of his lungs. And then again at 2.05, and 3.13 and 4.45 and 5.59. Yes, all a.m. So all 3 got out of bed at 6.01am. Nice. Thanks H.

I did what I assume many mothers before me have done (though likely pre 1999 - ie before all those nasty reports started coming out) and put them in front of the telly. For 2 hours. I crawled out of bed at 8am and joined them. Oh I did get up on the odd occassion before then. Like when I thought I heard something crashing. But all in all, I rekon I managed an extra 1hr 48min sleep. That was my first survival tactic of the day.

The rest of the day was one sweaty blur. Brekky, get them dressed, break up fights (though I have to admit they are totally cute all together), get Bella ready for her bus, got snacks ready for the boys, took the boys to playgroup, took boys to park, came home made lunch for all and waited for Bella, went to park with all 3, took bella to new school for orientation and amused boys with paddlepops (to gain 5 min peace - which I lost in the clean up), came home, read twitter while they demolished the house, bathed them, then put them naked in front of their bowl of weetbix before putting them naked back in front of the telly.

You see by then I was almost at full circle and feeling like I did this morning. Weetbix for dinner is emergency strategy around here. Rare but useful. Bathing first just meant I knew I didn't have to do that after dinner. Letting them eat naked meant I could just wipe it off. Work place efficiency.

Pouring myself the G&T, as I watched them using the weetbix as body paint, was pure survival instinct.

The fact that I had to do the above in 73+% humidity which is Sydney (oh God, and then there is summer) meant that i had no energy left for the evening niceties of book reading, tumbling, teeth brushing. I did fit in a cuddle. At 7.34 they are all asleep (except for H who is back in front of the telly after calling out MaaaaMaaa again in the middle of me writing this).

So. Time to go and enjoy he who makes me suffer so much in the evening. Because despite last night, he is still so damn damn cute I could eat him. And he needs his teeth brushed.

Dovic x


  1. Ha Ha Di - we generally only eat nude for beetroot these days - but yep - VERY efficient! Is bella going to a local school?

  2. She's going to a support unit at vacluse public. Idea being she starts kindi the following year as she turns 6 (is that was it's called in NSW? I keep forgetting). Not tied to mainstream but looking like will head that way. Just needed her out of daycare for next year as her brother moves up to her class and want to give them a chance to shine independently of each other. She looked so grown up going in for her orientation today. And cute :).

  3. PS I'm sitting down with a cuppa in front of your blogs soon. I love them :)

  4. Sounds good. I could use a cuppa now. Thanks for the nice comments on the blogs. Shopping for school uniforms tomorrow - now that makes me nervous!

  5. hey honey bunch - catching up on your posts now (nothing like work avoidance to prompt speed reading). Treat night at ours is Weetbix for dinner in front of the telly. Not naked tho Jas would so get into that!! And i have to say, it makes me feel like the world's best mum to think that my kids think that weetbix for two meals in one day is a treat!!!
    xx xx
    love ally



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