Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Well, hello there.

There are, apparantly, over 200 million blogs in the world. I guess that means I'm a little late. But I'm here now :).

The title of the blog comes from having randomly read the line somewhere today but like all good things, it touched me and warmed me. It made me think of good stuff. And good feelings. If you think about the small acts of kindness that have come your way, I bet it does the same to you. Go on, do it.

So here is to my new blog. Which won't be just about about small acts of kindness, though I hope they filter through often. It will be about stuff. Random stuff, for now. Feeling a little jingle dangle already. Will you join me?

Dovic x


  1. Talk about sticking a little toe in the water!! Hi there - about time! I'm looking forward to reading about your small acts of kindness and other random things.

  2. You do live your life by random acts of kindness young lady. What a great idea, well done, will enjoy following you and wondered if you have seen the movie Pay it Forward with Kevin Spacey and Joel Hayley what not the boy from 'I see dead people'. Wonderful movie!

  3. I think I have Sylvs. I may have been doing other stuff at the same time and/or been drunk :). But I do remember it being a nice movie. And a lovely concept.

  4. Looking forward to following your blog and sharing your journey on the road to 'successful businesswoman' :) Your off to a GREAT start, keep going YOUR HEADING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION! Stace x



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