Sunday, March 21, 2010

Logging in to life

Just a short note that I'll be popping out of cyberland (the WHOLE of cyberland except for email) for a couple of weeks, and that Blogarch will be resumed in April :)

The year is passing in a blur at the moment and I don't want it to get to mid year and for me to have spent all that time wearing out the keyboard on my laptop. I need to spend time wearing out the pages of a book, or doing random and radical things like taking a bath, returning phonecalls and emails (that 2008 form of communication), returning DVD's that are now 3 weeks late, GOING TO BED EARLY....that sort of stuff.

A short snippet in the meantime of my conversation with my Mr 3 this morning (after he found a whistle I bough him from the $2 shop).

C: Mummy, is this for me?
Me: Yes, it is :)
C: Who bought it?
Me: I did
C: Oh wow mummy I love it (with beaming saucer eyes). THANKYOU MUMMY!!!
Me: You're welcome C (beaming right back at him)
....quiet for a moment
C: Mummy?
Me: Yeah C?
C: I love you mummy. Very very much
Me: I love you too baby (as I dive in for the hug and smooch).

And this is why we have kids.

Til then....

Dovic xxx


  1. Bless. He sounds adorable.

    Enjoy wearing out the pages of those books.........

  2. sooooo sweet, isn't great that the littlest things make them soooo happy! my oldest was so excited to see his new shoes this weekend he also got quiet and told me he loves me. that all it took? new shoes for everyone! lol

  3. It's April. Are you back?

    I always return DVD's that late too. I'm so bad. Thankfully they always give me a discount when I go to pay... but still... such a waste of money. xx

  4. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could all be so captured by something as simple as a $2 whistle?



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