Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh to be 23 again

This is going to be a speedy gonzales post. And it will likely have plenty of spelling mistakes (coz I'm a bit pickled). It won't be speedy gonzales coz I'm typing fast, because I can tell you I am typing really reallllly slow. My fine motor skills aren't what they could be, especially not after a few Grand Marniers. Just that I have to get my elderly ass in to bed. Even if I'm feeling quite spruiky at the mo :)


At the moment we are (very!) lucky to have an Au Pair. She is the ants pants. She is divine, beautiful with my kids, doesn't mind one iota that I do stuff and don't give her any real direction so she just continues to do amazing things as she takes care of things around me - which she does to a degree that makes me wonder whether I should trade her in for the hubby. She is THAT good. She is awesome. And she is 24. So she is clever and mature and hangs out occasionally at this secret squirrel place that no-one our age seems to know - just those clued in in her age bracket, especially the Swedish, French, English, Czech, likely gorgeous and hot lot. Of both sexes.

So a couple of us in 'my age bracket' decided to try it out and....we got taken to the secret squirrel door. They let us in! Must have been the spray tan.

Anyway, it was gorgeous.

And whilst my buddies were chit chatting at the bar, I planted myself in one of those funky chairs and listened to some hot 24 yr old belt out some lovely tunes. And I was surrounded by legs up to armpits and just a whole bunch of young adulthood. It was strikingly beautiful. Not aesthetically, although ofcourse it was that too. It was more in that whole 'damn I'm having a great time without a care in the world' kind of way. I watched and thought how nice it would be to sit there watching every night - a lovely reminder of just how wonderfully intoxicating life can be when you live it from the inside out.

Oh to be 23 again and not have a worry in the world. And to milk those legs for all they were worth.

There is beauty in the world and it's not just in the aesthetic. It's in that time where life and love and dreams and passion and invincibility all collide in to one. What a glorious glorious time.

23 was that time for me. Do you have a mesmorastic (I made that word up) age? If you could go back in time. live an age all over again???

Dovic xx
PS One day my guess I will look back on this year and think if only I had that time again.....infact, I'm sure of it.


  1. I am so jealous. Bugger the night out (although you did make it sound very cool!) but your au pair. Can you send & lend her to me?! For life?!

  2. I could rave about the Au Pair for hours at a time. Having an AuPair has breathed a bit of the old life back in to us. But we got super lucky with a totally awesome one. Life managed to simultaneously get SOOO much better. Coincidence? Hm, that would be no :)

  3. Ahh, sounds very familiar. I like the word memoristic. Mine would probably be age 19? Meeting my husband and how exciting that time was. I reckon you might be right. We'll be reminicising one day about lives when the kids were little. Did you suffer the next day? God I freaking did. Makes me appreciate feeling "normal" but.

    To the next one or not :)

  4. Firsty, I want in on the secret squirrel place and I have a spray tan so I should be sorted, yes?

    Secondly, def would not go back to any age other than now! The 30's ROCK and how good does it feel to be comfortable in your own skin with the knowledge that life CAN just get better and better if you keep your face to sun and let it warm your face & soul!

    Love your work x

  5. Hello thanks for following me! I'm your latest follower now too :)

    I would luuuuurve an au pair. And I feel like such a wuss for saying that, given I only have one child at home (but I am a WAHM, if that counts for any justification...).

    23 is just about the year for me too. It was the year of our engagement and I got married right before I hit 24. I was at my peak weight, fitness and health and nary a consideration about having kids in sight. It was all still blissfully being looked forward to. Pah. Who knew that would all suck ass starting the following year til... well, now? 12 yrs later.

  6. Yup, 23 is wasted on 23 yr olds... you don't appreciate it til you're in your 30"s!!!

  7. *smile* I like the way you've told this story. I wouldn't want to go back to any age. I had to get to my worst to find my best. I have very little but the love of my family, I wish my body was a little younger to keep up with what I want to do, but no... I wouldn't go back in time for anything.



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