Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Show the Love Challenge Day 7 - Getting Sprung

We've been had! Well, kinda - for 48hrs or so.

That irresistable fella of mine (funnily enough way more irresistible the last few days than he ever has been :)) discovered the challenge on the blog on Sat arvo! I kinda had the feeling this may have been the case when he was all sweet and coy and lovely and being EXTRA nice and affectionate. With suspicions in tow, I asked him if he knew why I was on such good behaviour and he answered "no" - just that little bit too quickly. When I asked whether he wanted to know, he shuffled on his feet and again answered a little too quickly "no, why would I want to bite the hand that feeds me?". Shuffle. Shuffle.

Aha!! Sprung :).

I knew it, but he was still denying it when I checked in again last night. It wasn't until I pulled out all the manipulative skills I could muster that he finally admitted, that yeah, he had a squizz on Sat night and....well, there it all was.

I've been in a state of panic worried about how he might react but I needn't have been. He was all for the challenge. Infact he's all for it going on for another year. And the year after that too.

So, suffice to say it's been a success. I'm gonna take the lead from some of the feedback I've had and give this a good old shot for a little longer.

Would I recommend it? Hell yeah. Admittedly keeping a blog kept me on the straight and narrow, but I haven't yelled in a week and don't actually feel like yelling now that my week is over. WIERD. Without the blog I rekon I would have given up at day 3, so if you do give it a shot, make sure you pre plan it. Obviously I haven't been talking much about what I did, but in the main it was no complaining (though I did get simmeringly shirty mid week), being conversational, actually stopping what I was doing and looking at him whilst we were talking and just trying to stay cool all week really. There are others out there that are way better at this stuff than I am!

Now, this is the 7 day wrap up and it's hit 10/10 in the success stakes (hard not to with R pulling out all stops the last couple of days), but I'm keen to add a couple of pieces later on. Going to interview R to get his perspective on how this week went, from the sneaky side of it right up to how he feels now . And trying to twist the arm of a friend of mine, who wrote "A womb with attitude" to do a guest blog on the power those raging hormones have over us mere mortals.

But for me, for now that's about it. Phew. I'm exhausted. And I still have all that swinging off the chandeliers to do yet....

Love to hear your final thoughts if you have a chance to slip 'em in the comments.

Dovic xx


  1. I've been thoroughly addicted! What a lovely outcome Dovic.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOJzKMZCdCA

  3. You so rock Di. Love it!

  4. Well Done Di, I knew you could do it!

    Shall we go chandelier shopping on saturday, I know where all the best (ahem sturdiest) ones are ;)

  5. I'm thinking about it. All that niceness. I don't know if I'm a nice person. AJ

  6. AJ, you don't need to be :). That's the whole point. Hope you give it a go and you get some nice moments from it xxx



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